About us

We are based in London. We are a team of experienced people that works with clients we can get to know well and work closely with.

We know that if you can’t properly access and interact with your information … sales, customers, clients, patients, staff … then it is wasted.

We work with all sizes of organisation to untangle their data then organise, combine and make sense of it and finally to spread the results through the organisation.

We are data scientists, visualisation experts, market researchers, programmers and communicators with a common passion for getting the most out of data. We speak human and not tech-speak.

Some of the things we are particularly good at:

Getting feedback from customers, staff, patient and travellers both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Data science, advanced analytics, modelling, forecasting, simulation, and mapping.

Business strategy and support.

Information design, creative data presentation and layout and design of documents and forms.

Interactive dashboards.

Assembling, combining and organising data to make sense of it. This is the first part so many organisations are struggling with.

Training and communicating to help you get the most from data, for your personal development and to support the growth of your company.

Creating great websites.